Here you will find some items I've had my eye on for a while! They mostly have to do with panties that will help me to keep filling the world with more great panty content. A few are just for fun! :) If you want to fill one of my wishes, email me and we'll arrange to transfer the value of the item via PayPal, then I'll order the item or buy it locally. When it arrives, I'll send you an action shot! As always, all the prices are in Canadian.

Adorable Panties

Ok, so all panties are adorable, but this pack kind of has it all. I also really need a pair of black panties for days when big stains are likely... $32.95 + Shipping


Striped panties, perfect for wearing under your school uniform and giving senpai a nose bleed. $32.95 + Shipping

Summer Panties

I love panties from the Gap, they are comfortable and come in adorable prints! These panties are perfect for wearing under summer dresses. $32.95 + Shipping

Pure White Cotton Panties

Gap panties are super comfortable and adorable. These white cotton panties will show every stain... I can't wait! $32.95 + Shipping

Cartoon Print Panties

I love print panties! These panties look just adorable. $25.19

Cute Print Panties

I love cotton panties, and these lovely pastel panties will stain beautifully. $31.97 + Shipping

Unicorn Panties

What girl doesn't love unicorns. You can never have enough unicorn panties. $7.90 + Shipping

Unicorns Book

For story time with Daddy. I love unicorns, but also decently research books. $10.00 + Shipping

Do Little Mermaids Wet Their Beds?

Comfort for little girls who may wet their beds sometimes, for story time with Daddy. $6.00 + Shipping

Lil' Monsters Rearz Training Panties

I haven't worn padded panties in years and I can't wait to see how these make my bum look! $29.99 + Shipping

Rearz Princess Training Panties

I wonder if these delightfully padded panties will show under my jeans? $29.99 + Shipping

Padded Pony Training Panties

The little scientist in my wants to compare these to the Rearz training panties, plus they look adorable! $30 + Shipping

Glass Butt Plug

I've had my eye on one of these for a while now. They look beautiful and I can't wait to see how the feel inside of me! $78.00 + Shipping $

Scary Butt Pump

I'm a little embarrassed including this on the list, but I've been dying to experiment something like this. $34.00 + Shipping

Scary Big Dildo

I've been interested in experimenting with BIG dildos lately, this one is scary big, and I can't wait! $75.00 + Shipping

Glass Dildo

I've never tried a glass dildo before and I can't wait to try one of these beautiful, Canadian-made sex toys. $105.00 + Shipping

Lelo - Luna Smart Bead

This will turn my regular Kegel exercises into orgasmic delights! $159.00 + shipping and tax

Lelo - NEA Vibrator

I love Lelo products, they make the best sex toys ever, and I've been dying to try this one out. $129 + shipping Plus: You get 3 free pairs of panties!

Get Rachel Stoned

I've occasionally been using pot to relax after stressful days. Chip in whatever you would like with my sincere thanks!

Rearz Monster Diapers

While I usually wear Goodnites, I do love these big diapers and how small they make me feel (and how much they hold)! $31.99 + Shipping

Thick Night Diapers

For when I really want to feel little and am planning on wetting a TON! $49.99 + Shipping

Confitex Panties

These are the the newest design from Confitex, designer panties for ladies who have accidental leaks. $34.00 + shipping

Owl with Big Eyes Pillow

THOSE EYES THO! I'm in love with this sweetie. $5.49 (inc. shipping)

Woodland Friends Pillow

Lovely little characters to keep me company! $7.78 (inc. shipping)

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