First, take a look through my panty gallery! If you see something you like, send me an email that mentions the specific name of the panties you want (eg. Light Pink or Black with Polka Dots). If you don't see anything that suits your fancy, I am always happy to go hunting for the right pair or order specific ones online if you cover the cost!

All payments are done through PayPal. Simply send your payment through PayPal to


Once your panties are ready, I ensure they are dry before sealing them in a little plastic bag and ship them in a discreet brown envelope. Your order will include several yummy pictures of me wearing the panties. 

Remember, all my prices are Canadian dollars, so it's less in USD!

Panties with one day of wear - $32

Want a little more? 

Extra day of wear - $12/day

Masturbation or post-sex panties - $12

Peed-in panties - No extra charge (I love wetting my panties, just ask!)

Special requests are always considered (additional ad-ons, specific activities, custom panties) with prices determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Shipping for up to two pairs of panties:

Canada - $2.50

USA - $8.50

International - $11.50

I recently did an audit of my panty drawer and there are a bunch of pairs in there that don't fit me too well and as a result I don't wear them. 

I need to make room for new panties! So I'm running a special!  

If you order another pair of panties, I'll wet and throw in a random pair of panties for $10! 

Bonus Panties!


For this special, you will get two pairs of panties that I have wet for only $25! (plus shipping).



I love wetting panties and my panty drawer is overflowing! 

What's the catch Rachel? The catch is that I pick the panties and they will come from my 'don't quite fit right' collection, so I will only wet them and won't be able to wear them for the full day. Perfect for omorashi lovers!And don't worry, you still get pictures of me in the panties!


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