About Me

Hi! I'm Rachel, a 31 year old living in Canada, and I've recently started selling my panties.


It's a big turn-on for me to wear a pair of panties for someone else, thinking about how badly someone else wants the panties I have on, and how much they're going to enjoy them! My favorite kind to wear are cotton panties and I love patterns, polka dots and hipster cotton panties. I wear a lot of panties for younger women as they fit me better and more comfortably. 

Please browse the rest of my website and contact me by email if you're interested in making a purchase!


"I went straight to my studio with the opened package and sat down in my favorite chair. Opened the package and devoured the new possession with my eyes. You were quite naughty in these. They had a wonderful cream from your day of wearing them as well as I could see the outline from where you peed all over in them. My cock was immediately rock hard. Even with my company on the way over I slipped it out of my shorts and started masturbating. As I was playing with my cock I lifted the panties to my nose and inhaled deeply. My god... your smell is divine. I immediately started gushing pre cum as my hand slide over the full length of my shaft. . . my mind raced back to the people coming over but I couldn't stop. The smell of your delicious pussy juices were intoxicating."

- Pan from America

"Rachel is an absolute angel! Her panties were my first used panty purchase, and I'm more than happy! Rachel is a great seller and a joy to deal with! Everything's discreetly packaged, and you get exactly what you request! So far, I've bought from Rachel twice, and both times I've been extremely satisfied with my purchases. She's very kind; even offering me a pair that weren't even listed on this website! I'm wearing said pair as I type this! I'm now an avid Rachel panty buyer and will definitely be buying from her again! Would recommend!"

                                                                                                                                               - Fishy from the UK 

"Rachel's panties were the first pair I have bought. I've always wanted to, but never did. When they arrived, I was excited. When I opened them, I was ecstatic. Not only were the panties the same ones I chose from the photo, but they were very good quality panties. The packaging was discreet and well padded. The panties themselves were better than I expected and worth it. I am going to be a repeat customer. Rachel is great to deal with as a seller. You will get exactly what you ordered."

- TK from the USA


"Thank you. It was amazing, it gave me butterflies in my stomach, my first panties ever!"

- Anonymous


"I am 100 percent satisfied, you are simply amazing! It was such a pleasant surprise to come back home to your undies. They really came out perfect and they smell like heaven. I can't even put into words how joyful this experience was!"

- R from the USA

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